Untitled Drawings (Digital, 2018), rendered on Adobe Photoshop

I have been working on my new project called Untitled Drawings, which consists of 10 original illustrations as I drew them with graphite pencil first, then rendered these drawings with several black marker pens on one piece of A5 card paper. Afterwards, I transmuted the original drawings into digital pieces on Adobe Photoshop.

The illustrations epitomize the celebration of life, gender equality and human race. There are 6 depictions of women and another 5 of males. The vector lines within the depictions are purely bold as I wanted to make these figures somewhat evocative indeed. I also have incorporated additional shapes into these pieces such as leaves and curvy spikes ones. The illustrations really resonate with the drawings that I made back in 2017 (Faces 1 and 2, Girl, Boy and Rose/Snake). I wanted this works to look more cartoonish and vivid. But this time with the digital pieces, I applied bright colours to embrace the entire concept. The overall style of these pieces are just very simplified yet modern.