Outlander: Season 4, EP 6 Blood of my Blood recap (Updated)

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Outlander’s Blood of my Blood was astonishingly subtle yet bittersweet. In this episode, Jamie (Sam Heughan) reunites with his son William (Oliver Finnegan) and had arrived into Fraser’s Ridge with Lord John Grey (David Berry). That’s not all, John Grey also got the opportunity to meet up with Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), who is now working as a blacksmith. Apparently Murtagh is highly concerned with John Grey’s visit and thinking of him as being suspicious. By the way, John had already knew Murtagh from Ardsmuir.

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While at the cabin, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) healed and saved Lord John Grey from the horrid measles and both had a stiff conversation in regards to John Grey’s relationship with Jamie. John finally told Claire about his feelings for Jamie and how Jamie made that offer to John in Helwater as well. Claire had already knew that John had deep feelings for Jamie and that Jamie had also fathered a child back in England.

”As the season goes on, John Grey will play a bigger role as well,” Caitriona Balfe told The Hollywood Reporter about Claire’s interaction with John Grey in this episode ”For Claire, those scenes where John Grey is ill and she’s tending to him, they were really beautiful scenes and very emotional. It was heartbreaking to see this man live with this unrequited love and the heartbreak that has caused him. And when he tells Claire about this offer that Jamie made, I don’t think there is any part of Claire that is threatened by that.”

“But I think more than anything, it was also another heartbreaking thing for Claire because she understands that for Jamie to have made that offer, it was just a testament to how much he loves Willie and how difficult it was for him to leave.” Balfe told The Hollywood Reporter.

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As for Jamie, he had to face a big challenge as he had to spend some time with his son and to being able to have a proper interaction with Willie. They both took off to a camping trip for a few days and whilst being outdoors, Willie enters Cherokee land, Jamie goes after Willie, finds him, then got caught up by the Indians to kill them both. Willie stood up in front of the Indians, as he was extremely gallant and luckily nothing had happened to him after all. At the end, Jamie saved Willie’s life just after the perilous encounter with the Cherokees. That scene to me, especially, it was indeed really powerful and frightening at the same time.

Sam Heughan told The Hollywood Reporter about Jamie’s relationship with his son Willie ”For Jamie, it’s really bittersweet. He has always wanted to be a father, and Willie was very dear to him. He had a really great influence on him at Helwater, but now for Willie to be there in his life and he can’t even tell him that he’s his father, it’s pretty tough for him.”

”Thankfully, by the end of the episode, Willie has that realization of who his father is or could be. It’s beautiful. It’s nice for Jamie to finally interact with his son but also [with] John Grey. He’s an important ally and friend.” Heughan tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Jamie will face up the same challenge when his daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) hits Fraser’s Ridge.

Heughan adds again in the interview with The Hollywood Reporter ”Jamie and Claire have always been close, but I think actually the one that really tests them is Brianna. It certainly is difficult for Jamie to get close to Brianna, and he wants to be her father, but he’s a little too late to the game there. He can’t get over the fact that Frank [Tobias Menzies] has had such a big influence on her life. He’s desperately wanting to be involved in her life and help influence her. Certainly Claire and Jamie struggle to see eye-to-eye on all these bases. But for him, it’s great for his daughter to finally be there.”

In the upcoming episodes of Outlander will be see more of Brianna (Sophie Skelton) as she has already passed through the stones in Scotland and being swept back in time to 1768. Later on she will finally meet up and interact with Jamie who is Brianna’s biological father. Even so, this will be very challenging and difficult for both Jamie and Brianna.

“I think it will be one that makes you quite teary, very warm. It comes at a very sad time in terms of the arc of what Brianna’s going to go through, and the audience is still going to be feeling that through Bree. But there’s a lot of emotions going on in that scene. I think it will hopefully do justice for the books readers and to everyone else. I do think it will be a tearjerker.” Sophie Skelton told The Hollywood Reporter.

This episode of Blood of my Blood as I have said earlier on, it was slightly calm but it also had some invigorating scenes, for instance, Jamie instigated Willie to hunt with a riffle during their trip outdoors, Jamie and Willie’s dangerous encounter with the Indians, the stiff interaction between Claire and John Grey and finally the bathtub scene, which is one of the sexiest episodes so far. So, this episode was nice indeed and I look forward to seeing more powerful scenes in the upcoming episodes of Outlander.

Season 4 of Outlander is available now on New Zealand’s Lightbox and airs Sundays at 8pm on Starz (US).

Untitled Drawings (2018), marker pen on card paper, 8.27 x 5.83 inches (Updated)

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The black lines within are purely bold as I wanted to make these figures somewhat evocative indeed. I also have incorporated additional shapes into these pieces such as leaves and curvy spikes ones really resonate with the drawings I made in 2017 (Faces 1 and 2, Girl, Boy and Rose/Snake). I wanted this works to look more cartoonish and vivid. The overall style of these pieces are just very simplified yet modern.

I was totally drawn to producing black and white drawings since 2016. All I wanted to do was to producing more subtle drawings, starting with a black ballpoint pen and then switching to fine liners and marker pens of the same colour.

Outlander Season 4, sneak peak of Episode 3 ‘The False Bride’ (Updated)

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In the upcoming episode of Outlander called The False Bride, just after having to visit Aunt Jocasta’s River Run plantation and experiencing a tragedy there, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) along with Young Ian (John Bell) are willingly determined to finding a place to call home in North Carolina and along the way, they will have an encounter with the Native Americans. In the trailer, we see the two of them moving on from River Run, as John Quincy Myers (Kyle Rees) serves as a guide for their search off to find a home, Claire falls off her horse, finds a skull on the ground which apparently has got a silver filling, sees a Native American man and it seems that the Native local might be not be fond of Claire at the start but she seems a bit frightened as well.

As for Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin), these two are getting to know each other lives even more, becoming smitten as their romance heats up. Roger might be deciding to propose marriage to Brianna, which is actually a sudden move. Hopefully, we will see another love story in the season.

Watch the trailers of The False Bride and Love American Style: Brianna & Roger now.

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Season 4 of Outlander airs Mondays 8 pm on New Zealand’s Lightbox and Sundays 8 pm on Starz (US).